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Friday, August 5, 2011

Sunset Park Apartments_2Bed1Bath

This complex has 8 units, although one unit is furnished.
Nice little complex for a family who do not want to commit to buying a house just yet. Laundry room, parking spaces, and a barbecue area to chat and get to know the neighbors.

Defaults I've Used
Shiftable mirrors-Gelydh 
Shiftable wall lights-Gelydh 
Base game dressers with more slots-werismyki   
Base Game Objects Plain Default Replacement-haru011
 Stuff on the back of the toilet-werismyki
Invisible Parking Space-HugeLunatic

CC List
Wall fixes + one new wall-armiel
TS2 Conversions II 6 New-ish Patterns-Plum
Anderson Windows-Sailfindragon
Maxis-Match Cabinets-Cupcakes Taste Like Violence

All other items: The Store or Around The Sims 3

(Place in Library)

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  1. Cute! I love the first picture, it looks so much like a real place.