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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's a Wonderful Life_3Bed2Bath

This house is owned by the Belize sisters. They moved to sunset valley in hopes that they could start a new life here. The girls tend to keep to themselves, but I'm sure within time they will open up and explore the neighborhood and the people in it. This is a 20 x 30 lot.

This house is unoccupied

D e f a u l t s
Shiftable mirrors-Gelydh
Shiftable wall lights-Gelydh
Base game dressers with more slots-werismyki 
Base Game Objects Plain Default Replacement-haru011
Stuff on the back of the toilet-werismyki
Invisible Parking Space-HugeLunatic

C C   L i s t
Wall fixes + one new wall-armiel
Natural Garden Edgers-HugeLunatic
Two Tile Good Manners Flowerbox-whitewaterwood
TS2 Conversions II 6 New-ish Patterns-Plum
Culture Counter Match Cabinet Shorter-missyzim TSR
Country Windows-HugeLunatic
Simple Shower Tub-HugeLunatic

All other items: The Store or Around The Sims 3

D o w n l o a d

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(From the Exchange)

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