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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ethan & Holly Bunch's Home_5Bed4Bath

Jack & Judy Bunch's eldest son Ethan, lived in this house with his wife Holly Alto. Ethan and Holly had five kids, four boys, and one daughter.When the kids grew up, Ethan and Holly moved to a smaller home and lived there til the end of their years. This house has had many wonderful memories.


Defaults I've Used
Shiftable mirrors-Gelydh 
Shiftable wall lights-Gelydh 
Stuff on the back of the toilet-werismyki 
Invisible Parking Space-HugeLunatic 
Base game dressers with more slots-werismyki   
Base Game Objects Plain Default Replacement-haru011
Recolorable Stereo-joninmobile

CC List
Wall fixes + one new wall-armiel 
Natural Garden Edgers-HugeLunatic 
 Backless Shower-HugeLunatic
 Anderson Windows-Sailfindragon
TS2 Conversions II 6 New-ish Patterns-Plum
Simple Shower Tub-HugeLunatic 
Culture Counter Match Cabinet Shorter-missyzim TSR
Fitted Blinds One Mesh Fits in ANY window-The Ninth Wave Sims

All other items: The Store or Around The Sims 3

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