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Saturday, May 28, 2011


This is the type of house to have if you have children and their friends come over almost everyday. Large living space with a pool and deck to keep those kids entertained.

 D e f a u l t s  

Shiftable mirrors-Gelydh
Shiftable wall lights-Gelydh

Stuff on the back of the toilet-werismyki

Invisible Parking Space-HugeLunatic

Base game dressers with more slots-werismyki

Base Game Objects Plain Default Replacement-haru011

 C C  L i s t 


Country Windows-HugeLunatic

Wall fixes + one new wall-armiel

TS2 Conversions II 6 New-ish Patterns-Plum

Culture Counter Match Cabinet Shorter-missyzim TSR

Natural Garden Edgers-HugeLunatic

Two Tile Superfluous Window-whitewaterwood

The Smaller Closure Door-HugeLunatic

Books and Radio-Einfach Simlisch

 D o w n l o a d 

Package / Sims3pack

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