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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Craftsman Beauty_4Bed3.5Bath

This house is another fave of mine, I almost didn't want to share it! This house has lots of room and was built on a 30 x 30 lot. Home so big, you can easily get lost here.

Thank you for looking :)

CC List
Anderson Windows-Sailfindragon
Wall fixes + one new wall-armiel
Pattern(for the wallpaper)-Vita Sims 3
Fitted Blinds One Mesh Fits in ANY window-The Ninth Wave Sims
Voyeurism & Fear (Of the Unknown)-club_crimsyn | GoS Advent 2010
Culture Counter Match Cabinet Shorter-missyzim TSR
TS2 Conversions II 6 New-ish Patterns-Plum
Patterns(on the blankets)-Vita Sims 3
Simple Shower Tub-HugeLunatic
Country Windows-HugeLunatic

Defaults I've used
Recolorable Stereo-joninmobile
Base game dressers with more slots-werismyki
Stuff on the back of the toilet-werismyki
Shiftable mirrors-Gelydh
  Shiftable wall lights-Gelydh
 Invisible Parking Space-HugeLunatic

All other items: The Store or Around The Sims 3

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  1. Hello! I love this home, but I can not get it working. :/ I downloaded all from the CC list and the defaults, but when I download the Sims3pack it says I installed it, but when I open up the Sims 3 Launcher it says it never installed. What am I doing wrong? (I also tried the .package but it still won't show in the list of lots either)

    1. The package file won't show up either? That's odd... You placed the package file in your documents/electronic arts/sims3/library? Some of my sims3packs aren't working. I'm planning on rebuilding some of my lots I've had problems with, I will post them as soon and I am finished. Sorry about that.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I just figured out my problem. (It was moving the package file to library.) I am not used to this way being done, that is why I did not do it. I am used to putting the packages in the mods folder. Why is it needed to be put into library?

    2. when you install a lot from a sims3pack, it is placed in your library. its a default location. I like to use package files because that means I won't get any unnecessary cc.

    3. Oh that makes sense! Thank you. You are really nice to answer so fast!

    4. thanks! :) I am playing my game right now haha, but I try to answer as soon as I can :)

  3. Awe thank you :) I will post an update on my blog when I have them available. oh and you can download the other houses regardless of what expansion pack you have, download the package version and they should show up. I tried this on my sister in law's laptop, objects were either replaced or missing. If you want to try it out :)

  4. Yes!! I will try it out! Thank you so much!!